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Akai MPCs are a popular series of electronic musical instruments originally designed by Roger Linn and produced by the Japanese company Akai

the MPCs drew on design ideas from machines such as the Sequential Circuits Inc. Studio 440 and the Linn’s own Linn 9000, combining a powerful MIDI sequencer with the ability to sample one’s own sounds. A major influence to Roger Linn’s design was his love of rubber pads and how they could be pushed, prodded, and banged; this can be seen clearly in his designs especially from the MPC-60 onwards.

Linn also had a passion for squares: thus, no round pads on the MPC Series. Later models feature increasingly powerful sampling, storage, interfacing and sound manipulation facilities, which broaden the use of instrument beyond just drum and rhythm tracks.

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Brand AKAI
Dimensions 106 x 405 x 331mm
Type MPC
Release Date 1988