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Straight-eight grooves

Justin here at analog_this, I’m going to try start posting one blog post a week about the inspiring set ups, producers, and people who generally inspire what I do and the music I listen too.

Since setting up the analog_this page on Instagram, Drew has always had an interest in my drawings. I remember looking on his page and seeing his set up and the equipment he uses!

The equipment Drew has acquired (TR909, 808, 707, 606, TB303, SH101 S330 and the VP303) are a collection of classic Roland synths and drum machines he has been purchasing since he was sixteen years of age.



“When I was 16 I bought my first Roland TR 606 for $25. I only wanted to use it as a glorified metronome to practice my electric bass, mainly my funk and straight-eighth grooves. This was a foreign object. I was raised on FM radio and the albums my older brothers brought home- the Who, Boston, ELO, Stones. My first bass teacher happened to be a jazz player. That being said, the 606 was fascinating in that it was exacting yet warm, unforgiving but rich with character, begging to be programmed and re-programmed. The perfect repetition (which can be argued) presents an environment of predictability that allowed my ears to drift between the layers of tones created.


I began forcing the output through my guitar and bass pedals, recording the results on my Tascam 4-Track. While I continued to study jazz and contemporary music and performing many other types of music, I looked forward to going home after gigs and powering up my small collection of analog machines. It used to be difficult trying to reconcile these two seemingly opposite paths- improvised music and the perceived rigidity of drum machines.”

Drew’s influences are 70s rock, Beatles, Radiohead, jazz, and of course 80s synth music. He’s into looping, looping pedals and compositions that use these technique. If you would like to hear the music Drew produces, you can find examples on the bandcamp link below.

“For the music found on bandcamp: Asymmetry plays a significant role in the arrangements. Months after the mixes were done and taking time away from them, I discovered upon deeper reflection that the asymmetrical phrases and sections contrast the 16 beat compositional propensity intrinsic to the design of the machines. I was embracing and fighting back against the very architecture of the box.”


I hope people appreciate the images of the equipment as much as I do as this stuff’s not easy to come by, nor is it affordable! Check out Drew’s Instagram for all things analog and short clips of him creating inspiring sounds!

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